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             Our Story




KB Seaton

Dr Doug

Where it all began. 


Leila & the Seatons

Seatons and Leilas are loved dearly, and we are always heartbroken each time we leave – however it gives us great joy to share it with treasured guests who love it when we can’t.

The Seaton family spent over 25 years visiting the region. Bound for Tathra beach, the gang of kids would pile into the back of a Valiant (actually the back and the front – wherever the seven kids could fit!) Dreaming of icecreams and the opportunity to bask in the 1970’s sunshine. My Mum, Libby Seaton was one of those kids. Libby has always dreamt about returning to the area, and in 2017 she returned and purchased Seatons and in 2023 built Leilas.


It has been a good while since the 70’s, however the reason we do what we do stays grounded in those incredible years.


The Seaton Family were hosted by Leila Dwyer every Christmas for 25 years. Throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s, for 6 weeks the Seatons would base themselves at Leilas hotel in Bega, their room became known as the ‘The Seaton Unit’.


When Mum was old enough, she would extend her holiday at Leilas and help her with the hosting. Mum and Leila were a real team during those weeks. And apparently you couldn’t stop them laughing. Leila became so much a part of the Seaton family that she is even in the family photograph at Mum and Dads wedding.

We built Leilas as an ode to Leila Dwyer’s amazing character and as a gesture of gratitude to all that she gave the Seaton family over the years. 
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